Cubase 8.0.20 crashing on empty project

Dear All,

After the update, I can no longer run Cubase. I get to the point where I can select a recent project or an empty one. Both choices will result in (sorry, in Danish):

Navn på problemhændelse: APPCRASH
Programnavn: Cubase8.exe
Tidsstempel for program: 5547e4e7
Fejlmodulnavn: Cubase8.exe
Tidsstempel for fejlmodul: 5547e4e7
Undtagelseskode: c0000005
Undtagelsesforskydning: 0000000001a103e6
OS-version: 6.1.7601.
Landestandard-id: 1030
Flere oplysninger 1: 8a71
Flere oplysninger 2: 8a71716995f961325eb42ebaf0ea8f5d
Flere oplysninger 3: a364
Flere oplysninger 4: a3646c49252b699bdb635bf6608017d9

I´m running Win 7 64 Ultimate on I7 CPU and 16 GB of Ram. Never had this issue before.

Tried also after a reboot, as well as running it as admin, but none of that helps.
Cubase 7 Works fine still, was already installed.
Is it safe to just uninstall what´s listed as “Cubase 8” in the control panel - will that roll back to previous version?

Any ideas?

I got the same thing… I reinstalled 8.0 (Downloaded from "MySteinberg/My products/Download) telling it to reinstall everything. then reinstalled 8.0.20 update. worked for me

Same here, had to roll back to 8.0.10