Cubase 8.0.30 update report cubase not installed

Hi all

Hardly new to cubase as i’ve been using it for years however, just download the latest update but the installer states that cubase is not installed.

OK I stupidly upgraded to Windows 10 despite warnings but everything seems to be working for me. 8.0.20 64bit 32bit bridge works great!!

Syncrosoft it working, updated and licence check during Cubase loading it successful.

Does anyone know what the installer looking for to determine installation.

I’ve tried running as administrator with no luck

best regards


You could try running a repair on your installation.

Right click on W10 start menu icon, select control panel and then Programs and Features, right click on C8 (assuming it’s there!) and repair.

If that doesn’t work then you probably moved or deleted the installer and will need to download again.

Spot on, funny 5 minutes :smiley: I ran the install again as I couldn’t see it in Programs and Features. I’ve been running it for months like this.