CUBASE 8.0.40 AI, Crashing when opening mix console on Windows 10 Home


I recently opened a support request on MYSteinberg but had no answer whatsoever in 5 days (ID: 108196).

I formatted my laptop with a fresh new installation of Windows 10 Home, updated to latest. Installed Cubase 8 AI to latest, updated driver of UR44 to latest, Re activated every product, and I have Cubase crashing each time I open the Mix Console, no matter if old or new empty project.
No Plugin installed, just the Basic Suite FX.

All of this never happened on Windows 7.

Has anyone else had this problem ? How can I troubleshoot or fix it ?

Thank you very much


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?


thanks for your reply, but it didn’t work, it crashes anyway.
There is actually no customization, I just installed everything from scratch with latest driver/windows updates/cubase update.
In the Windows Event viewer I just find entries of the appCrash event, but no explicit suggestion of where the issue is.
Is there any cubase log file that I can inspect?

There is a crash dump file in the Documents/Steinberg/crashdump But it’s coded.

Ok, so I guess I will try to reinstall… but anyway… 8 days since I opened the support request, never heard anyone back… Disappointing

Just reinstalled, still same issue. I wonder when any steinberg staff member would get in touch at this point, I don’t know what else to try


Could you share the crash dump file via Dropbox or similar, please?

I tried on 9.5 LE Elements latest update version… same issue even here


Make sure your phone are up to date, please.

Could you share a crash dump via Dropbox or similar, please?

Hello guys, exactly same issue here. Have you any feedback?

Have read a lot about plugins and other conflicts that could cause mixconsole crash, but in this case there is absolutly nothing else, no VST nor MIDI. Just recording audio, slices and move them arround. Now need to apply compressor and for that need mixconsole. It just chrashes.

Tried safe mode, no good. Tried to install 9.5 LE, and it does not launch, I can imagine a Cubase 8 license wont serve anything higher…

Please, need help here. No more ideas.

Thanks and my kind regards,