Cubase 8.0.5 completely stops...

I have an issue where Cubase completely stops for 10-15 seconds, when playing back a project. Not only the screen freezes but the sound also freezes, but after these 10-15 secs the project continues to play where the locator should have been - as if the freeze lag didn’t occur. This occurs completely random, but pretty often (like every minute or so…). It doesn’t matter if the project is big with 60 channels, or small with only 2 channels. If I play back a file (audio or video) in Windows Media Player, outside of Cubase, I have no freeze lags at all.
Any ideas?

My system specs:
Windows 7
Cubase 8.5 64bit
UR824 latest driver
SSD disk
i7 3.4 GHz Intel
Nvidia Quadro 2000 (have tried different drivers)
MB: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

I have the same problem

OT posts and the replies to them were removed. If someone can help troubleshoot this that would be on topic.

Might be worth trying LatencyMon to see if it points out any processes or drivers that are causing issues.

Also, make sure to Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme (or set Windows power scheme to high performance) in case cores are getting parked by the OS (Win 7 does this by default to varying degrees in the Balanced and Power Saver schemes).

I’d also set Cubase’s audio priority to boost just to see if it helps…

OK, how do we troubleshoot? It’s been reported with several audio intervaces. There’s no actual crash, so no crash logs. Turning off ASIO Guard doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s definitely new with Cubase 8.5.

Last happened to me on a project with no audio tracks. MIDI was being played by GPO on Aria Player, and by Halion Orchestra. Any correlation there with other’s experience?

i still say the 05 update was bad … i had a load of probs with it and after i rewound back to 8,0 all the trouble stopped …
i am in no way inferring that you have to do the same … however …we will be getting a update in a few weeks and i trust that the things that where bad on 05 will be addressed …they usually are and the dev guys are on the ball when it comes to this…
so maybe worth resetting back to the 8.0 version and wait for 8.10…
whatever you do
good luck and i hope you find the cause

What happens in the Performance Monitor when this happens?

Same problem here:(

Here too.

I also get this intermittently in 8.0. I decided not to update to 8.05 after reading of crashing problems.

the update is the problem . .please just try this if it don’t work then no probs just revert.
simple fix … uninstall the update 05…that’s it …
it worked for me … and i re installed the update again on new hard drive …yep the same problem …
some machines just don’t like the update
steinberg have addressed the problem i am certain … the new update may be here in a matter of days if not hours… wait for that update …
good luck …

Better yet, try the 8.0.10 update that was just released and getting good reviews! Works here.

Were you getting the freeze problem as well with 8.0.5 then, bluzcat? 8.1.0 has fixed it for you?

No, I wasn’t having the freeze problem. Just thought it would be a good idea to update. The update is running fine here.

I havn’t experienced any freezing with 8.0.5, but it started with 8.0.10 …

I uninstalled the latest update, and again, with 8.0.5, there is no freezing. Weird…

I guess I will wait for the next one.

Anyone found a fix yet? Identical case here, seems it came back on me with the latest C8 update. I’m on Win7 64bit running C8 32bit latest, with RME Fireface 400. The project memory usage is only 1.2GB and still hangs occasionally for about 15secs like described, then unfreezes & continues play. DPC Latency Checker doesn’t show any spikes at all during the freeze, so I doubt it’s a hardware thing. Also everything else runs fine, during the freeze. Besides I can’t remember any of this before some recent updates… All drives are SSD so I don’t think it’s some disk error or something. Might try rolling back to previous update…

The majority VSTi-s running are Kontakt 5, Nexus and Sylenth


I think new projects in 8.0.2 are OK. Older projects running in 8.0.2 still exhibit this behaviour. I would try finishing the 8.0.1 projects as best as possible without asio guard as a fix is probably not forthcoming.

oh yes indeed! Few minutes after posting here I noticed that turning off Asio Guard seems to solve the problem. Has been stable for few hours now.

I’m running an older project indeed on 8.0.20

I’m afraid I continue to get it occasionally on new and old projects, with or without ASIO guard.

almost 24h now and AsioGuard has been off - I’ve had no further freezes here in my case with 8.0.20