Cubase 8.0 Full Installer

Hi everyone, so a client of mine that I’m working with needs me to install Cubase 8.0 on a new computer. For the life of me I can’t find the full installer, only updates. Does anyone know where this can be found? Or can anyone send me a download link for the 8.0 full installer?


Do they have their own eLicenser? They need to register it to their own MySteinberg account, then a download link for the installer will show up on the Downloads tab.

If you can’t wait for that or for someone to PM you a link, you can try requesting a link for the Cubase Pro 8 installer through your (not your client’s) MySteinberg account. Check the My Support page.

Hey Romantique, thanks for the response. I wish I could get the download link from my client but I don’t think I can. They are not very tech savoy and are flying in with their elicener and I have to have the rig setup in advance ready to go day one. I tried to download it from my steinberg account but I’ve already updated to 8.5 and therefore can’t get 8.0.

I did reach out to Steinberg directly but in the past have been slow to respond to me. Hopefully someone can PM me with a link. :slight_smile:

Sent you a PM.

I also did a couple hours ago, but forgot to post, sorry.

Hey everyone, thanks for your help! Got everything up and running today!