Cubase 8 .40 elements crash with revalver 4

I am using Cubase Elements 8 along with ReValver 4, which is working perfectly in standalone mode. When I load any of my ReValver presets and click to change the GUI settings I receive an error message and the GUI stops working properly. I have contacted Peavey’s support and they have looked into the issue. I have reinstalled ReValver and it didn’t help, still, although that is the only plugin that is presenting the issue ATM, the problem occours only in Cubase, hence, I’m reaching for your support as well. I have attached the dump file created from the crash. Would you please have a look at a it and let mw know whether there’s some valuable information I can bring to Peavey’s attention or any settings that I can change in Cubase in order to fix this issue. Thank you.