Cubase 8.5.0: No Padshop after fresh installation

Hi guys,
Windows 10 crashed miserably on my 64-bit box, and there was no way around installing it from scratch. Which, in turn, meant installing all the software from scratch, including Cubase and friends (HSO, Hybrid, etc.).
While at it, I decided to install only 64-bit versions whenever I had the choice. Just mentioning this because it might cause a problem if Cubase, for whatever reasons, expects 32-bit VST instruments etc.
In any case, I’m encountering 3 issues:

  1. Padshop isn’t there. It should have been installed along with Cubase. In the Plugin Manager, it’s listed under Missing Plugins, consequently. (A third-party VST instrument, Twist, is missing, too.)
  2. Groove Agent doesn’t seem to find its content. That is, it’s there as a VST instrument, but whatever drum kit I load just displays those red waveforms with an exclamation mark, meaning there’s no content to be played.
  3. MediaBay plays audio samples fine, but nothing else. It remains mum for MIDI and other samples/patterns.
    Any pointers appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Wow! I’m in the same exact predicament!!!

My Windows 10 was fine until suddenly I had two drivers that were a “problem” and would not re-install. One was for my Midi Keyboard controller (Keystation Pro 88) and the other was for a brand new Ableton Push 2. In the end the only way I could see of extracting myself from the Mess, was run a Reset … which keeps all your files but basically Completely re-installs Windows and everything you had installed has to be re-installed!!!

First I reinstalled my Audio interface stuff, and then I re-install Ableton (9.5) and then Cubase 8.5. Everything went Ok. Cubase even installed the stock version of Padshop… But I bought Padshop Pro!!! and I can’t find it anywhere! I have “Padshop_update_1.1.0.134_installer_win…” but it won’t do anything because Padshop Pro is not installed.

And the kicker is that the download link for Padshop Pro on the Steinberg website will not work!

Anyone know what the trick to re-downloading that (software I bought!) is?