Cubase 8.5.10 eq problem when opening an earlier file

I discovered a glitch today that happened when i opened a song i had been working on in Cubase 8 into my new Cubase 8.5.10. (on windows 7, 64 bit pc)

The eq settings were different… the graphic image of the eq LOOKED the same as it should be, but the sound was different… that is until i changed the eq curve a little bit and then it jumped to the intended eq sound… (in fact i found i could just over type a frequency with the same frequency and enter and that changed the sound)… any ideas why this would happen?

(i did install the 8.5.15 update today too but the problem still remains, the song is still fine if opened in Cubase 8)

i also ran a test today where i opened it in 8.5 and saved it from there… then opened it in version 8… and the song is as it should be even after that process… so i’m thinking must be a bug in 8.5?

Something similar is happening to me, I thought it was a problem in my sound card but it only happens to audio from cubase.

Sometimes the eq is not affecting (it is probably bypassing), you have to move an eq control to make it sounds.
Sometimes when I use cubase EQ, lets say im eq’ing a voice, suddenly the voice only sounds in one speaker or maybe is the eq bypassing in one side only, but this happen even in mono channels.

Sometimes something happens to the phase of the channel and it doesn’t sound centered.

It only happens on the main out, I never noticed this when using headphones.

Im using cubase 8.5.15 on OS X yosemite, and recently updated to el capitan.