Cubase 8.5.15 and 2CAudio Aether crash.

Picture says it all.
Aether version 1.61 - module audplg64.dll
OS: Win7 x64.

Switched back to CB 8.5. Had an evening without any crash.
I cannot recall if this happend in CB 8.5.10 allready.

Anyone else?

got Aether loaded in a mix I’m doing now problems. It was already there in this track though before I updated.

i’ll check a new addition… yes all fine …

I’m on windows 10 x64


Forgot to mention: It doesn’t happen immediately. The last time it was after an hour or so. Well I’ll wait for the next cubase update and see what happens then.

Aether and B2 work well here. Are you sure you have the latest version of Aether? Yes I know it is difficult to navigate the 2C Audio site, but it might be worth the effort.

Running 2 instances of Aether 1.6.1 here for quite some time in a project and no problems. I have been opening and closing the plugin, changing programs, spinning controls. Seems very stable. Noting of course that I’m running Cubase 8.5.51. on Windows 7 pro 64bit.

@ Silhouette, yes I’m running the latest version 1.6.1.

Up till now I’ve had no problems with Cubase 8.50. According to your replies the problem must be system related. Although I haven’t changed anything for the last 5 years or so. And I see some of you are using the same OS and audio interface as I do.

Presumably you are using Aether in other projects and it doesn’t crash Cubase?

Are you sure that “module audplg64.dll” is Aether.

Remove Aether dll from the VST Plugins folder and then run the project. If it still crashes it is not Aether that is the cause. If on the other hand Cubase does not crash, but does when you replace the dll it probably is the culprit. However, there might be something in the project Aether doesn’t like. You could try removing all other plugins from the VST folder except Aether.

C:\Program Files\2C Audio\Aether\ contains audplg64.dll and audplg32.dll. Renaming audplg64.dll crashes projects containing Aether while opening so it’s Aether related. In fact it’s the core module.

I didn’t purchase new plugins for quite a while except for some new Meldaproduction plugins in the Total Bundle. I’ve always used them alongside Aether.

In the meantime I’ve reinstalled Aether and updated Cubase to 8.5.15 again. Up till now I haven’t had any crashes but I wasn’t in the position to spend much time to test.

I’ll keep you informed after Eastern.

Melda’s plugins can be problematic, I have had crashes. But seems stable now with the latest updates.

Well over a week now since I reinstalled Aether and Cubase 8.5.15 and no crashes. Whatever the reason it seem to be solved although fingers crossed. The only thing I didn’t do was disabling the Video Engine but I can’t imaging that was the problem.