Cubase 8.5.15 - Trilian


I’d like to buy Trilian fron Spectrasonics.
Does anyone know if thats work correctly with Cubase 8.5.15 ?


Hi, I recently bought Trilian and it works without a problem on my computer. I also have Omnisphere 2 and through that VST you also have access to the Trilian sounds. Since the Omnisphere 2 vst is capable of more stuff and more modern it is my prefered way of accessing the Trilian patches.

Best of luck.

Personally I’ve never seen a 64 bit VSTi not working like it should in Cubase.

Works well for me.


Works fine here too, although I’ve had to re-authorise due to ‘re-overclocking’ after BIOS updates.

The combination is working well for me as too.

I’ve got Trilogy running fine here, so Trillian shouldn’t be a problem (please, no ‘you’re still running Trilogy??’ posts :astonished: )

Thank’s a lot !

Is it possible to tweek Trilian’s patches within Omnisphere the same way than in Trilian ?

Yeah, no problem. Omnisphere 2 lets you either have the Trilian plugin layout of knobs and look, OR just the Omnisphere 2 knobs and layout and theirby the Control / tweak posibilities of Omnisphere.

Thank’s a lot again.
By the way, is it ‘’ dangerous ‘’ to install a legit VST on a system with a crack version of the same VST ?

Are you serious?

If you are running cracked software you are a criminal. To ask such a question on this forum, members of which are professional musicians and producers trying to earn an honest living, is contemptuous.

Euh… Over the years, I bought for a lot of thousands $ in VST and plugins. I am a « full proof » Cubase user. I want to regulate my situation with 2 VST that came with the computer I bought 3 years ago. In fact, I’m not a Professional musicians, but just a guy in a home studio with a lot of technology to understand.

Excuse me if my question is shocking. Again, I want to regulate a situation.

Then why have cracked software on your system?

Just get rid of the cracked software! :exclamation:

my two cents

Yes, it’s dangerous. Your computer is going to explode.

Just been looking into Trilian as being a long time bass player myself who now has serious arthritis and being serious with himself really has to hang up the bass for good now… just been watching some demos on youtube and was blown away! clearly if you know how to play bass and program then it seems fairly straight forward?
Anything one should be aware of or look out for?
Anyone know if it has any Warwick basses on board as i couldn’t see that info on their site?

And yeah WHY would anyone on here be using wArEz? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: not good!


Don’t recall any Warwick’s in all of the patches.

And no, not really anything to really look out for, besides the subjective stuff. Well, Trilian has been around for awhile now (in plug-in years), and it does not come on sale. Some people are hoping for a new version soon.

IK has a new bass coming out as well that looks promising, so you may want to watch that space.

Thanks for the reply, no you are right there are no Warwicks currently, i did suggest some on the registration page on installing it…
It’s incredibly impressive! I hadn’t realised it’s quite as good as it is actually or how long it’s been around.
It does seem pretty logical, as you say apart from the subjective side of things, i can see myself having some serious fun with this actually. I can see the multi live mode is the way to go for realism, it all seems pretty straight forward though.

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