Cubase 8.5.2 Divide Track List bug

In a full project, using divide track list feature, resizing the upper window to full screen snaps it stuck and I can no longer resize back to access my lower track window where all the project tracks are.

Video showing the issue. Seems a bug to me which effectively locks me out of my project.

Divide Track List button is hidden along with the lower track list, and trying to resize back even though it shows the right tooltip for resizing up and down, it just scrolls the upper list instead of resizing.

What will fix this? Trashing preferences?

Anybody else heard of this bug issue?

Cubase 9 gonna be the same?

I know this is old, but just came across this issue as well in Cubase 7. I got around it by creating a keyboard shortcut to turn “divide track list” on and off. Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue.

Cool, that’s a novel solution, cheers for posting a reply, you prompt me to update this with the solution that I used! Hope this helps anyone looking for a solution to the issue that likes using track divide and is looking for a solution to that inconvenient bug:

Removed the stuck window layout by picking a default workspace from “Workspaces” in the top bar context menu. (An otherwise useful feature for retaining window arrangements useful to specific project tasks.)