Cubase 8.5.20 Mirror MIDI reverses my MIDI.

In the MIDI editior when I select all notes and the command to Mirror MIDI, 99% of the time I get a reverse MIDI result. I can tell because when I hit undo, it says “undo reverse”.

How can you be sure it’s not a typo in the undo history?

Because it reverses the notes lol.

What do you expect Mirror to do?

Invert the notes. reverse = beginning is now the end. Mirror = inverts the notes vertically.

That’s not what Mirror does in Cubase.

Please enlighten me. When it did work for me the results were equal and opposite of what was there. Not reversed.

This was discussed in the post I linked to above.

Mirror should produce a visual time-wise mirror of the notes, i.e., in the key editor.

Ok thanks. I expected something different.