Cubase 8.5.20 Update ERROR Popup

Hi, has anyone else encountered this as they excitedly tried to update their Cubase 8.5.15 to latest 8.5.20?

Boooo :frowning:

Can anyone please help me out?
update issue.jpg

most of as did… but who cares… Steinberg certenly don’t…

Basically, the update needs to see the original 8.5 MSI file to know that it can up date. Stupid - but easy to fix:

  1. Download the full 8.5 installer.
  2. Extract, or open it to the point where installation files are unpacked.
  3. Look in the “Cubase for Windows” folder - there, you’ll find the Cubase85.msi (and 64 bit version).
  4. Just place this file - without opening - somewhere on the drive you’re installing to.
  5. Run the update. The update can now “find” the MSI file, so that it “knows” 8.5 is already installed.

Once you’ve done this, just save your 8.5 MSI file somewhere out of the way - like on another drive, or whatever - and re-position, for updates, as needed.

Of course thanx for the info, and the time you took to help people, but that is not the point… Why should i have to do all that to run an update??? Well… After spending 20 hours on my studio, trying to figure out why on a 30 track project i had 5 billion crashes and unstopable HD spikes, until my client just left my studio furious, maybe i should reach for the uninstall once and for all, i have just had enough…

All that happened after you updated?

Well that happens for the past ten years i use cubase, but it used to be less often, and most of the problems were known so it was easier to find workarounds. Ever since cubase 8 it is mindblowing, i use mac and pc in my studio, 3 pc’s at home, it’s nothing to do with hardware or what you use, the amount of bugs is just unprofessional, simple as that, i was in love with this DAw, not anympore, honestly, 10 days ago, another project, same staff, hd spiking for no reason, although other project run fine, and just trying to always find solution to problems that are not supposed to be there, is just so tiring, i can’t take it anymore. i am a 15 hour a day ( and i mean EVERY day ) professional, and i want fast reliable tools to earn a leaving. thats not the case for cubase anymore

I installed this by just downloading the update .exe and double clicking it… No errors.

Try to run the installer as administrator and turn off your antivirus’ real time scan if you’re using one.

Did try all that, placed the original msi file on hard drive, no antivirus at all on my system, still won’t install…

for me also didt work I placed the Cubase85_64bit.msi on all drives and in the folder that Cubase is installed and still couldn’t install the update :frowning:
Could you put precise instructions how to do it, I may do something wrong.

Didn’t work for me. Steinberg, please fix and re-issue this update!!!

Try installing Cubase from the full installer you just downloaded and then run the 8.5.20 update. Does that work?

So do a fresh install of 8.5? Will I lose all my saved preferences/templates/presets?

I had the same error. This is what I did to resolve it.

  1. downloaded the 8.5.20 update file “Cubase_8.5.20_Update_win”
  2. Moved this file to where “Cubase_8.5.15_Update_win64” was located.
  3. ran “Cubase_8.5.15_Update_win64”
  4. started Cubase to make sure it was still working then closed it down
  5. ran “Cubase_8.5.20_Update_win” and this time there was no error
  6. ran Cubase and the startup screen showed that 8.5.20 was running
  7. tried one of the new features and it worked fine.

I am wondering for those having problems updating to 8.5.20.

  • Is your computer DAW only or do you run other programs as well?
  • Do any of you use registercleaners?

My update went well and the answer to both questions above is “No”.

I think these can definitely cause (all kinds of) problems - but also (for me, since I don’t use reg cleaners) the built-in Windows “Disk Clean-up” utility with system files option seemed to cause these install errors as well (I guess it erases temp install files, which normally help Cubase updates to verify).

Still perplexed as to why only Cubase installers behave this way. It’s a P.I.T.A., and it looks sloppy.

To those who have problems with the update, please see here: - there are various ways to solve it, you can also find older threads where the options are described in detail.

This does not happen only with Cubase, though, just google ‘error code 1603’ (or 1612, HRESULT-2147024770, etc.).
Still, I’d also prefer that this doesn’t happen…

I had this issue but don’t have a registry cleaner and the computer is only used as a Cubase DAW. I do have AVG and Adobe Acrobat on this computer which update fairly often. However the 8.5.15 loaded just fine.

So far I have encounted only one plugin that won’t unistall, Waldorfs Lector, but that is a different story. Almost every 3-d party plugin developer has its own installer. Hopefully we will see some standardization for that in the future.

Resolved my issue by doing the REPAIR as suggested by Fabio and relocating the original installer file for the repair to complete successfully. Now if Steinber could only fix the “Video service not responsive” issue introduced on my system since 8.5.10. :frowning:

I have the same problem. So I will wait until Steinberg has fixed it. It cannot be, that a normal update makes such problems. Really sad I am. Grrrhhhhh.