Cubase 8.5/9 reqeust

Hi readers,

Some of my own Feature Request for Cubase 8.5/9.

-Now you have a drop-down window for changing the the source. Example: media, VST sounds ext. Is it not easer to make tabs.
-Give the users the choice to add or remove tabs. The tabs like loops, instruments, plugins or sounds can’t be removed as a save guard. Other tabs that you made yourself can only be removed by clicking on the remove tab button. It will ask ‘‘DO YOU REALLY WON’T TO REMOVE THIS TAB’’ YES OR NO.

Example when adding a tab.

  1. Add tab: it will open finder (mac) explorer (win)
  2. Pick your location: any folder on your computer for the source of your loops, sounds ext.

More drag and drop.
Drag and drop processing plugins and instruments from the medially to your mixer channel(s) or onto channel(s) in
your arrange window.

Windwo lay-out
Implement more into one window like the mixer, arrange window, key editor, ext with the option to resize.
These are some of the other DAW,s that implemented this. Example: ableton, studio one and logic.

More functionality at start-up (HUB)
At this moment you can only manage your projects. The news page takes very long to load. Please fix this.

Added options for the hub:
-Choose your audio interface (for new and resent projects).
-Choose your midi device (for new and resent projects).
-Choose track amount instrument, audio group and fx tracks (for new projects).
-Picture added to the news post (faster loading time).
-Make project name (for new projects).

Official support for more midi devices.
Some of the populair brands: native instruments (komplete kontrol), novation, akai ext.

Support for high resolution screens (retina and 4/5K)

Channel Tabs
When having a vst instrument and one or more processing plugins on a single track. You can simply switch to any of the assigned instrument or one of the processing plugins by clicking on any of the tabs. The tabs wil be shown on top of the instrument or processing plugin GUI.

I will be adding more feature request in the coming time.:smiley:


These are my wishes for Steiny Santa december 2015 ! :slight_smile:

Well, I do not know exactly if this is the right thread, but put suggestions, I join other requests I’ve seen out there in the forum.

Why not implement a window where you can see the letters of the midis. (Those who lead them) .Type VanBasco.

Habemos sure many users would appreciate.

tomato note … and see if they can do gurus Steinberg.

Steinberg forum in English, vá.Lo not feel me. (My English is very pobrecico)

Thank you.