Cubase 8.5 and Helix floor not communicating

Hey guys,

I have recently started to use Cubase on a PC because my MacBook Pro was old and having too many issues. When I switched over to PC, almost everything that was installed on Mac is now on the PC.

With that said, I can no longer control my Helix floor unit with the midi that is within each project

Why did this work on my Mac and now it is not working on the PC?

I am running Windows 11, Asus Intel Core 9 laptop

I have tried the Helix Native plugin, but it does not display my user presets that I have spent over a year and half making.

I have to go into work for the lunch shift, so please excuse me if I am late in responding. As usual, thanks in advance

See attached screenshots

OK, so a couple of things, in case someone goes through the same issues or if I need to remember myself:

  1. I was able to transfer all my presets from my Helix floor to Helix Native, by following the instructions in this YT video - Transfer presets from Helix Floor to Helix Native and vice versa - while the video shows how to transfer individual presets, I discovered that you can transfer the entire list by using the principals outlined in the video, just use the import/export above to do the same for the entire list. I was able to transfer User 1, 2, 3 and 4

  2. In order to make the Helix respond to the changes being sent from Cubase, I went into the List Editor for the Helix midi channel, clicked on the program number, followed by hitting enter, which my Helix floor changed to the corresponding program number.

Ever since, it has been functioning as it used to on my Mac. I do not know if it is the combination of the two actions (adding the Helix Native with the corresponding presets and hitting enter within the program number in the Line Editor) or if either one alone made it work, but it is working

Either way, thanks for giving me a space to document these findings