Cubase 8.5 and tascam US-2x2 or 4x4

All is in title ! I’m going to buy cubase LE 8.5 and I think also buy a Tascam US-2x2. Are they compatible?
Thank you.

Cubase LE is a version that is bundled with some hardware, it isn’t possible to buy it.

But that aside,yes, this interface is compatible with any Cubase version.

Oops. I wanted to write cubase élément not LE…

Thanks a lot .

Just to offer another option, Steinberg’s UR22 is a pretty solid interface with similar price and features…this comes bundled with Cubase AI which you can update to Elements for a cheaper price.

I’ve seen quite a few complaints of poor latency concerning the Tascam…The Steinberg drivers and latency aren’t exactly class leading but are very stable and workable.

Yes i know that ur22 is a very good interface but there is only one high impedance entry instead of 2 on the tascam (i want to connect 2 guitars ).

Using a US-4x4 with 8.5 Pro and it’s been great. Mostly using Direct Monitoring though so latency not an issue. Have tried it without DM to trial onboard effects and no huge problems.