cubase 8.5 and windows 7 aero theme ?

I read the news about cubase 8.5, so I thought I would ask…

using windows 7 64bit, do I still need to enable aero theme to run cubase 8.5 ?


are you sure ?
the steinberg website says there is no requirement, but I thought I would ask anyways since it could be a typo…

Well I don’t have W7 to absolutely confirm but with the new C8 windowing being designed to work with it I doubt they would have completely redesigned it for a .5 version just 12 months later.

thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
I still feel a bit itchy about upgrading to 8.5, as the upgrade to 8 actually meant a step back down to 7.5 for me.

would still love to hear from someone using windows 7 64bit and cubase 8.5…

then again… I somehow feel that the upgrade price will probably be worth it, if its only for the retrologue 2 :slight_smile:


How many threads are you going to post this in?


well, actually steinberg forum mods didnt allow me to post all of these questions in one single post, so this is why there are multiple posts. hence why there is similar thanks going out in the different posts… some peeps only read some posts, not everyone reads all posts…
makes sense ?



the Aero requirement is unchanged - it’s part of the new API used in both Cubase 8 and 8.5.
Thank you for pointing that out, we’ll check the website.

However, bluzkat is correct, please do not post the same multiple times, this is also mentioned in the forum rules.
I don’t see how mods prevented you from posting more questions in one post, given it is in multiple threads :wink: