Cubase 8.5 code not working on new pc


I recently bought a new PC and would like to transfer my cubase 8.5 license onto it. I have downloaded cubase 8.5 and e-licenser and also connected my portable e-licenser USB to the PC, but cubase is asking me to reactivate with a new activation code? Can you please help with this? I have used my license on my laptop previously for portable production work with no problem. Historically I also used it on an old PC which is what I have now updated to



Can you post an image of the exact error?

Generally, if a license is on a USB-eLicenser it should “just work”.

Are you absolutely sure that the Cubase version you are trying to run matches the version you have licensed on your USB?

Is the e-licenser the current version (
Have you run the maintenance checks?
When you open the e-licenser can you see your licence?

This is the error code I am getting. Now that you mention it the only thing I can think off is I downloaded 8.5 instead of Cubase pro 8, which is the software I have a license for when I check my Steinberg login.

Could this be the problem?

Yes. That is most likely the problem. 8.5 was a paid update.

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