Cubase 8.5 crashes when saving + when opening project

Hi there. I have been using Cubase for 10 years, but after I updated to v8 I’ve had a lot of chrashes. Most of them got solved after updating to 8.5 but still two of them makes it nearly impossible to work.

  1. The biggest problem is that ca. every 5th time I save a project, cubase crashes (without saving).

  2. When I open a project, ca 50% of the time Cubase crashes.

I work as a mixing engenieer, so it’s really frustrating and very embarrising when I have artists in the studio.

I got a iMac 27" late 2009 model with Yosemite. 32 gb ram. Intel Core i7. 4 kernels. 2,8 GHz.

You’re an angel if you help me solve this!

Same here. Unfortunately no support here on Steinbergs forums. I gave up asking questions here and better answers get on Gearslutz and KVR Audio, which is pity.