Cubase 8.5 crashing on opening projects

me again. Windows 7 64bit, Cubase 8.5 64bit.

keep getting crashes on opening projects.

advice was to find the plugin culprit. Went through that. Found that a plugin I had for ages was causing the problem. Removed the .dll from the VST folder. Project opens ok now.

tried to open another project - it crashes every time.

I’ve had the issue sent to Steinberg with the crash dumps on 4th Jan. Still no reply even though I replied on a “sorry we are really busy” email I got about a week ago. Is it usual to wait this long for a reply?

Any ideas what my next move might be - in simple terms please - I’m not very technical.

Update to cubase 9?

I’d rather not - I’m in the middle of a commercial project on a deadline and I don’t have that much confidence that the problems will go away…and if I need support will I get any from Steinberg? I’ve been using their products since the late 80s and their lack of response is sort of worrying.

someone suggested I run Cubase as administrator - I was able to open the project twice in a row - and now it crashes again every time.

It could be so many things tbh…

You wanted simple terms tho, so i gave you the most simple “quickfix” i could think of…

Cubase 9 and the plugin sentinel - it might have been able to locate that plugin that wasnt behaving…

But who is to say that the crash was coming from a plugin comes to mind too…

Ok, another quick test to try would be:

(Make sure you only temporarily disable your preferences)
-> good practice is to make a copy of the whole preferences folder and save it somewhere too

Good luck:)

ok thanks for that suggestion - it’s late here so I will try it tomorrow. thanks!