Cubase 8.5 Drum-editor note drawing bug?

Dear fellow Cubase users,

I’m a Cubase user for quiet a long time, but recently I started to use the drum-editor a bit more. Recently I ran into a weird occurance when drawing drum hits with the drumstick tool. I noticed that every first note you draw is a red note (which means; not selected), the notes that you draw after this note a black (selected). To me this seems unlogic, and might be maybe a bug? Or is there some logic behind this that I don’t get? I can’t remeber this was happening in other (lower) versions of Cubase.

The extra weird thing is; This is only happening when you draw notes to a new lane. It doesn’t happen when you already drew a note in the same lane. I can’t explain this behaviour, and I didn’t find any solution in the settings area to change this.

I’d like that all the notes you are drawing occur as ‘black / selected’ at first, so you can move them up/down or delete them easily with the keyboard. Anybody that can help me with understanding this occurance?

Are there maybe other Cubase 8.5 users who can confirm this is normal ?
In Cubase 5 this isn’t happening…all the notes you draw are immediately selected.


The samw behavour is also in Cubase 13. That means, no one complans for more then 8 years.

Interesting is, it behaves like this only with the Object Selection Tool, plus the Alt modifier. If you switch to the Draw tool, the MIDI Note doesn’t become selected in any case.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your reply.
The thing that i find weird is that all the ‘first’ notes you draw in the drum-editor become ‘unselected’, all the 2rd and 3rd notes become ‘selected’.

In the key-editor this isn’t the case, all the notes you draw become selected/black the first moment you draw them. Which to me makes sense, this was always the case.

But in the drum-editor i can’t understand this behavoir…and to me feels like a bug.


To me it looks like the given Drum Sound (on the left side) becomes selected after the Note has been created, which deselects the Note. If no new selection of the “Drum Sound” is not needed (because it’s the same one as the previous), then the newly created Note remains selected.

This is just my guess.

I think you’re right;
When drawing the first note on a row with a new drum sound, the first note makes this Drum Sound become selected, if you then draw a new note, this note becomes selected. However in older versions of Cubase every first note you drew became immediately selected, that’s why this felt like a bug to me.

To me its still feels a bit unlogic, because the key-editor works slightly different. Is there a way to change this behavior? I’d like all the notes become selected (black) right after you draw them…

All newer versions of Cubase are working like this now?