cubase 8.5 import tracks from project - bug

trying to import channels from project .

clicking “file” - “import” - “import tracks from project”
dialog opens.

the checkbox “copy files to active prject folder” is checked
the second checkbox (wich you check to convert sample rates) is grayed out, cant check it.

choosing tracks to import.

cubase imports it, but does not copy the files from the original location to the new one.
looking in the pool, the files are still listed in the original folder.

opening the import tracks from project dialog again, the checkbox is still checked.
this time, unchecking the “copy files to active prject folder” checkbox, and then rechecking it, suddenly enables the second checkbox (the one with the sample rate conversion). this time, clicking import will actualy copy the files to the new folder.

however, next time i try to import files, the first checkbox will be checked, the second one will be grayed out, and cubase wil not copy the files to the new folder (unless i uncheck and recheck the first one as described above)

kind of annoying

Same here. And something more- after this steps:

  1. File > import Tracks from Project

  2. btn “Select None”

  3. manually select one track to be imported
    4.a. [the checkBox “Copy to Active Project Folder” is selected by default] // 4.b. Uncheck and reCheck the Checkbox

  4. btn “OK”
    -> Result 4.a. = Imported media is NOT copied in the Active Project Forder
    -> Result 4.b. = Imported media is copied in the Active Project Forder

  5. Select all clips(*) from the imported track and press Ctrl+X for cut…
    -> Result = Dialog window ‘Import Option’ appears now. But nothing happens if I click OK or Cancel -
    if [4.a.] > the imported files are still not copied in the project folder
    nomatter if [4.a.] or [4.b.] this Dialog window appears after step [6.]

Note: (*) the bug reproduces only if I select all clips on the track.
in my case the parts of the imported tracks are from few different files, I haven’t tasted if that matters

i should have posted this in the “issues” section of the forum… my bad.

bump. anyone else has that issue? can someone from steinberg confirm this?

I know this post is old, but I can confirm this is happening with Cubase 8.5.20 in Windows 10:

On “Import tracks from project…” Media from audio tracks is only copied when the option “copy to active project folder…” is first deselected, and then selected again.
Should I report a Bug? Or have you done it already, JordiPort1 ?

Still happening in cubase 9… What a shame…Noone from technical team cared about this bug?..