Cubase 8.5 installer error

Hi, as per usual I was getting some sort of error with the Steinberg launcher installer.

Some ‘cicerouiwndframe:setup.exe’ error, restarted the computer, then said Cubase 8.5 error or alike, tried again went back to the first error… blah

I decided to try the Cubase85.msi installer and worked fine… is it fine to use that? i guess that’s just installing Cubase 8.5itself and I will have to install GA/Halion/Retrologue updates manually?



There is no Groove Agent or HALion Sonic update in Cubase 8.5. So you would need to install only Retrologue 2 update.

Thanks for the response.

How do I go about getting the installer for Retrologue 2 then? I checked the install folder and found Retrologue.MSI but it says I already have a version installed, will I need to uninstall my current version and then install this version? Is R2 a seperate instance or loaded on top of the original?


EDIT: Just uninstalled the prior version and installed the new version, winning! :slight_smile: