Cubase 8.5 & Mackie Control Universal

Hello, all - searched a bit and can’t find an answer; wanted to try you guys. I got an old (really old) Mackie Control Universal (not Pro) and I’m receiving Midi data in Cubase for certain buttons but the buttons do not seem to be assigned to their proper function. The primary buttons with which I have issue are the function keys and the fader bank keys. My question is, where can I assign these in Cubase? Thanks.

Just a wild guess, try create a generic remote in cubase, and assign the functions to the buttons on your controller from there.

Do I replace the current controller or just add a generic to it?

Go to:

Devices>device set up> click on the “+” sign in upper left, then choose mackie control

Next put in the mackie for the drop down midi in/outs

Next in user commands click an empty area in category, choose something, then do the same in command.
I think you will find you can assign most anything that you find in the key commands to any function key on the Mackie. The stuff that isn’t assignable, to my knowledge, is basic Windows commands such as Ctr+tab to scroll through windows and plugs for focus, or another example Ctr+W to close the focused window.

Click apply.

Once that is done I suggest going back to
Devices>mackie control and choose “cubase” instead of “compatibility.” If you don’t like it that way choose compatibility.