Cubase 8.5 Media Bay Instrument Thumbnails

Does anyone know if it’s possible to include VST instruments besides Steinberg’s in the Mediabay instruments section with thumbnails? I never use any Steinberg instruments or loops so if I can’t then that makes it completely useless for me. It would be great if I could organize it with my own instruments in the order I want.

Hey Steinberg, I’m missing this feature too! I would very much like to know the logic and reasoning behind the decision not to include a simple file browser or a way to access your own files from the rack version of Media Bay. It’s such a basic no-brainer feature. Booo!

Subbing cuz I’m curious about this too…though I kinda doubt it unfortunately.

I know you can do it Studio One 3. I really hope it’s possible here. It would make it so much easier to find my plugins.

No, guys these thumbnails are for Steinberg stuff only.

Great . I guess it’s a way to get us to use their instruments. Oh well, that cool new feature will be useless for me.

Well, a new FR… (!)

Hi :slight_smile:

I created a request for being able to add third party stuff in the MediaBay Thumbs.
I also did a little video about what we want :wink:

Support here : MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples

I really hope Steinberg listens and fixes this, it’s such a useless feature right now, and I know most of the people here wants to have this request implemented.

Seriously…what are the developers at Steinberg thinking not adding this functionality? What percentage of Cubase users even use Steinberg’s VST instruments and samples? I also would like to know the reasoning behind this shameful decision.

I may be alone in this but frankly I wish I could turn the pictures function off. It leaves a great big useless area in the middle of the track name field which I can’t click in.


Huge thumbs up to adding media to the “mediabay”. I have years of media “loops, vsts etc” Id like to have access to via the clean new interface via icons.

You guys are normally on point, but this you dropped the ball. I would highly advise to get a “add folder” into what was a truly function medially system in prior releases, I feel like that what most expected.


You can access your own files by selecting “show all items”. (See attached image.)


Hi all,

Lets try this again. Mediabay under "show all item"s is the same mediabay we’ve had in all previous versions of cubase. Part of what was sold to us to upgrade to the latest version was the new and innovated mediabay

The new design is great, no complaints here! At the same time, us end users want to add our own content! Here is an example.

I see no reason why the programers at Steinberg could apply a “add folder” button, using folder icons of libraries for continuity. Otherwise, fantastic product. Been really happy with everything, just felt I was sold an unfunctional improvement. Thanks for listening.

Best Regards,

A picture speaks a thousand words!!! Thank you Scott Lee!
This seems Really really Obvious! C’mon Steinberg! If I have a Plug instrument… lets say NI Reaktor 6 … or even my own instrument with it’s own Icon, Why can’t I simply add it here?