Cubase 8.5 mediabay, how to add own sample libraries?


The new mediabay in cubase 8.5 seems promising, I love the idea, but what I really miss is to add my own thumbnails in the “Loops & Samples” collection, is this possible? I want to be able to add my own samples ofcourse! It’s great for organize stuff, but I use alot of own samples so I would like to add those to the list aswell.

Answers are highly appreciated!





Hi , I had a look and theres no way to add your own icons yet unless someone knows different


Why wouldn’t they make it so that you can add your own samples to the library? This makes me sad really, the feature is now useless for me, I use alot of my own samples… Steinberg please fix this, it would be GREAT as we are now only forced to use the samples within Cubase. I want my own library and I’m sure LOADS of people feel the same way!

I don’t understand the question i guess…can’t you just copy the libraries to the User Content Folder?

Let me clarify:

The new thumbnails in the VST racks (where mediabay is), on the right of the screen…

I wish to add my own icons for my own sample libraries, not being forced to only have Steinbergs own sample libraries here.

It’s a great way to organize samples, I like the idea, but I dislike the fact that I can’t add my own samples.

Hi :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time… Only Steinberg content is displayed.
I created a request for being able to add third party stuff in the MediaBay Thumbs.
I also did a little video about what we want :wink:

Support here : MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples


You can add your own samples to media bay, first go to the media tab at top of project window then click on media bay then add the location of the folder where you keep your own samples then you can access them from the media bay to the right of the project page, then you will be able to audition your own samples as the project is playing as you can in Ableton.

The way to do this is to go to pool and select the folder you like and do a query.
Cons: You can not select multiple folder by pressing (ctrl or shift).