Cubase 8.5 + New Macbook Pro

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and installed my Cubase 8.5 (yes I used the most recent update from MySteinberg) including the same plug-ins as I used to have on my Mac Mini. (clean install)
I don’t know what’s happening, but Cubase is crashing every single minute.
I tried to delete certain plugins which (I thought) were the reason of the crashes, but nothing happens.

  • I can open an older project, but when I add any kind of plug-in, Cubase crashes.
  • When I open a new project I can drag and drop audio files from my folders, but after doing a few changes/adding pluyins/… I can’t drag and drop anymore. When I hoover my files over the Cubase timeline, it just doesn’t recognizes the file anymore.
  • When I close my project, Cubase crashes. And when it doesn’t, I can’t open the ‘Hub’ anymore.

Anyone else having troubles with a new Mac or something?
I used to re-install my previous mac several times without any problems :frowning:
I just don’t know what to do…

Which specific Mac OS version number are you running on the new Macbook Pro?