Cubase 8.5 - no sound all of a sudden

I don’t know if this is an issue caused by a windows update (I stupidly had auto-updates on) but all of a sudden, Cubase 8.5 isn’t working.

There is no sound at all on any of the playback. Some of the songs play back at ridiculously fast speeds.

This was working fine up until a day or so ago and I have not added any other software.

Does anyone have any clues whatsoever? The devices all look ok, there is simply no sound indicated from any of the tracks and nothing going to the stereo bus.

This is a catastrophe for me as I am mixing a final song for the album. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

I have submitted a ticket but from previous experience, this takes an age for Steinberg to come back to me. If it is a windows update issue, please be aware!



Can you see the meters? Can you see meters on the Audio Tracks? Can you see meters on the Stereo Out?

Double check Sample a rate of your Audio Device, please.

no movement on any of the meters…


disaster!!! I contacted Microsoft and they recommended a roll-back which deleted a load of files. I have so many missing plugins from the album we are working on. I don’t know what to do…

If I reinstall the plugins will the settings still be the same, i.e. the EQ used was Mequalizer from Melda - on almost every track!!! It’s now missing. Do I now have to re-mix them all…?

Please help, I am desperate…do I need to post this in a new thread?


If you reinstall the plugins and load the project, you will get exactly the same values you had once you saved the project. The values are stored in the project. No worries.