Cubase 8.5 NO SOUND on tracks where volume AUTOMATION is used

I have a new WIN10 system with clean installation and it all worked fine for a few weeks… now session does not give any sound on tracks where any automation is used. I have to restart Cubase a few times and if I am lucky the sound is there… otherwise only if I turn off the R button.

Any suggestions how to fix this issue?

Send over a screenshot of the track with all automations expanded while it’s playing.
Also, what is the exact version of Cubase? I seem to remember 8.x was fraught with this issue, and it was recommended to be on 8.5.15 to get past it.

Looks like this issue was most reported when using VCAs

Here is the version history:


What parameter do you automate?

Can you see the meters of the audio tracks? Can you see the meter of the output channel?