Cubase 8.5 not downloading complete

I just bought Cubase 8 (phisical copy) and when I registered it (activated the product) I knew I was electible for upgrade to Cubase 8.5 for free. I’ve been trying to download it for days and it just stops before downloading entirely. I’ve tried in different wifi connections (home, office, studio), different laptops, etc and still the same. Today it downloaded until 9,35 GB, I thought it was OK but still no.

Has anyone had this isue too?

I’d appreciate any help, I’m in a urgent need of having it ready.


try this ( for windows )

Dude!! Thx so much for the link. I spent a number of hours trying to download CB5 to version 8. Nothing worked until I tried your link. Thanks so much. It still took 18hrs. Yes I did lose sleep. And I baby sat the internet connection to make sure it wouldn’t time out.

SB if you’re reading this you might want to consider following spectrasonics model of offering a flash drive as an option. I would have good for it even if it took longer to get. This long download was for the birds.