Cubase 8.5 PC version. MIDI key editor, drum edit and my Evolution mk 149 not working

My cubase accepts that there is a midi controller device. (Including related to vst instrument track) and in the devices MIDI ports list. I am using an evolution MK149 MIDI control keyboard. Following the cubase guide book so I make sure the track is setup properly but no signal is showing through the transport panel. Also MIDI Drum edit and key edit are disabled (as in etched out of the MIDI drop down menu list). I also make sure I have set it up to try using it via all MIDI connections and also reverted to using Individual midi tracks for a vst instrument prolouge synth instrument. The MIDI cable I am using is MIDI out from the Evolution MK149 Keyboard into USB input on my laptop. Though cubase is aware of a device. I can’t get any signal through. Though the Keyboard was purchased in year 2000 it’s hardly been used. Can anyone helo please? Thanks. Dan


Double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure the the MIDI data are not filtered out, please.

Hi Martin. Thanks for your reply. I cannot find midi filter. Is it supposed to be under the MIDI heading? Or else where please?
All the best. Dan Seward

Hi Martin,
Sorry to bother you again. I have found the MIDI filter in preferences and I have tried both ticking and unticking the boxes. I still can’t recieve any signal from my Evolution MK-149 Midi control keyboard. Any suggestions please?


The boxes (the filter) should be disabled. By default only SysEx data are filtered out. Could you please attach a screenshot of the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter page?

Can you see the device in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Ports? Is it enabled in the “In All MIDI Inputs” column? Could you please attach a screenshot of this page?