Cubase 8.5 Pro Macro Help and Logical Editor Education

Hi guys,

Can someone help me figure out how to setup a macro to separate all selected midi events at the cursor? I tend to work with all of my instruments selected at once so I am effectively looking at the full score; I only create new midi events for major section changes. Unfortunately, this becomes tedious when I need to extend or contract sections-- especially when dealing with a mountain of CC data. My goal is also to move tempo adjustments as well. Furthermore, I remember some macros for copying all data within the selection brackets, but I seem to have forgotten where I saw this.

Finally, if anyone has any resources to share about how to use the logical editor, I would greatly appreciate it. It is something that I have not had the time to really delve into, but it looks like I may have a lull in my schedule in the near future.


If you want to extend some part, set the Left and Right locators, where you want to add a new bars/Beats. Then use Insert Silence [Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E] from Edit > Range menu. To cut (remove) the section, use Delete Time or Cut Time from the same menu.

To Copy all data in the LR locators range, use Edit > Range > Global Copy.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestions! That was exactly what I was looking for.

For the global copy, is there a way to only record the CC data within the range selection? As of right now, it is copying my selection and making the pasted active event correctly; however, the “ghost” midi notes and cc data is still showing up to the left and right of the active area, which is making it a little bothersome to read when it is over lapping with my other events. Ideally, I would like to be able to paste them all into a single event, but I noticed when I do this it merges the different cc lanes together, thus messing up previous work. Is this possible?

Odd observation: if I go through track by track and glue the events together, it only merges the midi data that is within the active events, not the hidden notes as well. If I try to do this quickly and select several, it just smashes everything together.


What do you mean by hidden events? Like MIDI data out of the MIDI Part, out of the Part borders?

Correct, Martin.

Isnt there a method to remove data from outside the active border?


Freeze MIDI Modifiers from MIDI menu does the trick. But be aware also other changes are converted from non-destructive to destructive changes.