Cubase 8.5 Pro Mixer causes pops & crackling?


When I open Cubase 8.5 Pro mixer while playing tracks, sound starts to crackling. I tried all asio buffer settings from 512 to 2048, with no luck. When I close the mixer it plays normal.
I also tried MR816X on firewire and Avid Duet (PC) on USB, all the same.
My graphic card is AMD Radeon R390 with the latest driver.
Also my board is Asus Z170A with the latest BIOS.
I have some Waves plugins on the track.

Edit 1: Sound also crackles when I open a browser and scroll down a web page??
Edit 2: It plays best when Cubase is minimized and when no web page opened.

What may be the problem?


Cubase IS the problem, there a plenty of users here that have no problems with other applications, just cubase 8.5 spiking randomly. It seems to be monitoring path only though, do you get the crackles in your mixdown as well?

Hi Raphie,

There are no any problems in my mixdowns. Only during playing the song. Even @2048