Cubase 8.5 Pro Trial activation under Parallels Desktop 12

MacBook Pro (mide-12, 8Gb RAM), with Parallels Desktop 12 and Windows 10, everything 100% updated.
In Windows 10 under Parallels I downloaded Trial Cubase 8.5 Pro from Sternberg site, sucessfully installed it, including eLicenser, and got on e-mail activation code. It is recognised by eLicenser, but then it declines available Soft eLicenser (HDD) and request USB one, which I cant have, just trying the trial version from Sternberg site for journalist purposes.
Question: is this trouble with Parallels Desktop virtual machine, or any bug on the side of Sternberg and eLicenser?
Screenshot attached.


P.S. this issue will be reported in upcoming article on using professional music software under Parallels Desktop.
Steinberg Cubase issue under Parallels.jpg