cubase 8.5 pro vst performance 100% PEAK!!!


Am a registered steinberg user and i badly need some support regarding my Cubase 8.5 pro. Am currently running the software on Windows 10 laptop with 16gb ram core i5.
My major problem is that am having a project of 100+ tracks recorded and now am having to do the mastering, but when using plugins(mainly waves one such as tg12345, z noise etc…), my project’s vst performance is peaking(average load), Also my cpu usage is 100% in my task manager.

Would be grateful if someone can please help asap.

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

I would say, your system is not powerful enough for more then 100 tracks, and Waves plug-ins.

Try to increase your Buffer Size as much as possible. If it’s not enough, use Freeze tracks.