Cubase 8.5 Pro: Which Best CPU for 2018-2019?

Dear friends,
I know this post has already been published but this time it is a major update for 2018-2019. I currently have an Intel i7 4770K with 16GB of ram in DDR3 (G.Skill) with a RME Fireface UC (USB 2.0) sound card in Windows 10 64 bit with 4To of Samsung SSD 850 EVO and Nvidia GTX950 (Not important…). I use Cubase 8.5 Pro but I feel like I’m a bit short on performance. with the new processors I think it’s really worth changing after 5 years. I hesitate between the 8th generation of Intel (see the 9th that came out) or the new AMD RYZEN. Which processor will you propose me between AMD or INTEL to have a maximum of performances knowing that I use sometimes 40 tracks nothing than virtual instruments of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (Komplete 11 ULTIMATE) …?

Well, considering the current threading issues with Cubase 9.5 and Windows 10, I’d stick with the best Intel 6-core you can get. I have an Intel Xeon 10-core (20 threads) and I have some issues (although one of the Steinberg mods/support here has been very helpful with some tweaks – BTW, some of the Steinberg guys are actually pretty cool and helpful). Although, I hope that the threading issues will be addressed with Cubase 10. So if you are planning on upgrading to Cubase 10, maybe wait a little longer to see what (if anything) they announce with the Cubase engine, particularly with their multi-thread optimizations. That might help you make a decision. If you are planning on sticking with Cubase 8.5, then get best 6-core Intel that you can. Good luck! In any case, switching to a current unlocked Intel 6-core will run circles around the older (and impressive for its time) 4770K.

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