Cubase 8.5 Pro x64 crashing project with automation

So I’m working on my first EP and this is first time I’ve ever tried to do such a project. I’m working with all of the tracks in one Cubase session, I just prefer to do it like that for several reasons and think this is the best way for me to personally do this. This problem is actually the first time I’ve encountered this in my years of using Cubase.

Everything was going great until about a week ago when I added panning automation on a track. I noticed that, somehow, the automation wound up on another track and when I tried changing the panning of the unintended track, Cubase crashed immediately. So I remedied this by deleting the track that shouldn’t have had the automation and re-adding it. (It was an out of Kontakt 5)

However, since then, Cubase is crashing, at seemingly random parts of the project. I’m still trying to find the pattern, most likely it’s to do with the other automation that is going on in the project.

I have several dump files from the times it has crashed within the last few days but I cannot attach them.


Make sure, your plug-is are up-to-date, please.

…and try trashing your preferences if that ^ doesnt help…

Well, I always keep all of my plugins up to date. I made sure, just in case, that everything was up to date.

Unfortunately, trashing my preferences did not help. :frowning:

Try saving project as backup, to another folder.
Or try to duplicate track and remove original track.

I solved it! I’m using a Kontakt libary, Prominy V-Metal. I tried to automate the mute sample length myself, however I was unaware that V-Metal already had a default automation channel assigned for that. So I removed my custom automation track and used V-Metal’s default mute sample length automation channel and so far, going on a whole day and a half without a single crash. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help guys!