Cubase 8.5 Quick Controls Issue with Xfer Serum


Now I`m using Nektar LX61 Controller and have done intergration with Cubase 8.5.

But suffering a quick control Issue with Xfer Serum synth.

For example, The QC #7 is assigned to OSC A Unison default. And what I want to do is to change QC #7 assignment to Filter Cutoff.

I think it could be possible just simply changing the QC #7 parameter in the inspector windows QC panel, but it wont effect.

It is only effective that using the remote control editor manually in the VST Intruments Panel(F11).

Is there anyone get a hint for this problem?


Hi and welcome,

What QC panel do you mean? Do you mean in the track? Could you post a screenshot, please?