Cubase 8.5 Render-In-Place...How do you guys making it work?

I’am totally gone crazy with this goddamn bloody praised render-in-place feature! How is it possible that there is no more threads of people complaining about it? How are you guys making it work? Here, it’s just random hit and miss. 70% of time it stuck on rendering on 100%, and stays there, and I have to “end task” the cubase process (win 10 64bit) and open it and project again (luckily I work with VEPro and I don’t have to reload all of my samples every time)… And those 30% when it actually works are making me still using it, and it just is f@#$%^* with my temper constantly.

Is there something that you guys did so it works? I tried changing the bit-rate of rendering to match the bit-rate of the project…tried turning on the tail. But still, sometimes it works, sometimes not. :cry:

Generally, I am very satisfied with Cubase, I love it, it’s my first DAW and I am glad that I learned it first. It’s very stable here, although some annoyances exist. The biggest annoyance is laggy graphics, as I always hide/show my mixer (it’s very long list of channels) and every time I have to wait to be shown like whole second. One would think it’s not that long, but when you show/hide it very often, it’s just annoying…not that I can’t live with it. But this render in place… just grrrr :angry:

Ok, I think I got where the problem is. When I select midi event and render in place it gets stuck on 100% very often, but not always… But when I select just the track with no midi events selected, then it renders fine.

Could anyone confirm this?