Cubase 8.5 - Retina Support!

Thanks for the initial retina support for us Mac users in 8.5 (looking very,very good)! :smiley:

The new 8.5 features are pretty great too! :smiley:

great to hear! finally… :smiley:

can you post a screenshot, please?? I´m on the move… :wink:

Excellent if true also on windows. I was a bit worried since I’ve seen no mention of high DPI support in the quick browse I took of the new features of 8.5. I’m downloading 8.5 now (still 3:43 hours to go, it may get installed before I have to go to work)

download crapped out after 5GB so can’t see if high DPI works under windows, I will try downloading again tomorrow

Sure thing! Keep in mind it is mostly the alphanumerics, at this point, that are getting the treatment.

The screenshots below are at the highest resolution on my rMBP. The images are not at THE best jpeg conversion as I had to keep the file sizes below 2MB. So it is actually a bit sharper in day to day to use.
Screenshot 2 at 1920x1200 setting.jpg
Screenshot 1 at 1920x1200 setting.jpg

Thank you very much, Drone! nice screenshots!
now Cubase has retina support, BIG improvement for OSX…


Finally! I was worried because there’s no mention of retina support in the ‘what’s new’ videos. I have been using Cubase for 23 years but I had actually vowed to switch to Logic if 8.5 didn’t have retina support!

Edit - just saw the screenshots. This looks like a half-assed effort at best. The UI and plugin graphics haven’t been overhauled at all, just the text.

It’s been 3 years since retina screens came out and this is the best they can do? :unamused:

Oh, you actually believe that Apple has gone full on retina support with Logic Pro X? NOPE!

If you want full on retina support:

Ableton Live 9.2 and above
Studio One Version 3
Digital Performer 9
Pro Tools 11 and above

I think the majority of the Logic UI is retina quality (icons/buttons/mixer markings/new plugins etc) - it’s just the older plugins that haven’t been updated. But looking at those screenshots, Steinberg have just switched the text to higher resolution - all the buttons/window controls/icons and even the brand new Retrologue 2 are still low resolution.

Do you know if 8.5 supports 3rd party retina-ready plugins? Fabfilter C2, Q2 and MB all look great in Logic, but still show as low resolution on Cubase 8.0.

Unfortunately Steinberg again makes an awful graphics solution for retina displays … Frankenstein between HiDPI and Commodore 64 graphics… filling pissed off for giving my 50 euros …
And that splash screen animation! Steinberg really need to lay off whole graphic design department. I happen to be an architect by education and this really hurts my eyes. I mean, 8.0 was plain awful, but I got used to it. Now we have crispy letters and muddy waveforms… not cool, not cool at all.

This is how Cubase 8.5 looks on Retina display… Maybe I am missing something here, but this is just plain awful and eye-hurting.
Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 03.10.33.png

The high DPI font rendering that people are seeing was already possible on the OS X version of C8 before by editing Info.plist inside the package and changing NSHighResolutionCapable parameter to .

Seems C8.5 on OS X at least now does this by default. Unless it grabbed the setting from my old C8 installation, but I doubt that, as files inside the application package aren’t considered user settings. And if people are seeing retina fonts even if they made no changes before on C8, then that’s conclusive.

Compared to C8 I can’t tell that anything has actually changed other than the default. The bitmaps are still regular DPI. Even the new transport graphics are low res. I’m sure they’ve been made with high DPI in mind, so it seems they’re still waiting to “flip the switch” on fully retina. Maybe they’re not even remaking any of the old bitmap assets in high res, but simply everything will get redone like now with the transport graphics, and when that’s ready to go, the high DPI bitmaps will be enabled. C9 seems like a good spot to do it.

I don’t have a high DPI display in my Windows machine, so I’d be interested in knowing if people are seeing high DPI fonts similarly supported there. I might upgrade my monitor just for that, as the high resolution font rendering includes the score window, which makes it a lot more pleasant to look at. Anyone try this out?

Like I stated previously it is mostly the alphanumerics that are getting the treatment first (as verified by Steinberg back in July).

Since my Cubase user experience only goes back to version 5, I found that Steinberg’s waveform blobs have always been…not the best! The retina support adds nothing and takes away nothing.

And I did try the Terminal Unix script to trigger the high resolution workaround and it didn’t work on my rMBP.

Here is a shot of FF MB and Q2. No C2 at this time, thanks for reminding me that it is out.
Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.38.59 AM.png

I spent some time this evening going through all my plugins - the vast majority are not retina ready. The exceptions are FabFilter Q2, MB and C2, iZotope, Acon Digital, Altiverb 7 (the knobs are still low res but the rest of the UI is fine) and most of the Valhalla plugins.

So that leaves Waves, Native Instruments, SoundToys (including even the just-released v5 which looks especially bad), Universal Audio, Exponential Audio, Lexicon, Toontrack, Synthogy, Sample Modeling and Steinberg of course with lots of long-overdue work to do.

Ok, I can confirm 8.5.0 does NOT have high res fonts on Windows. I set the scaling to 200% on Windows 10, logged out and back in, and all the other fonts are in higher res but Cubase is not. This feature is OS X only for now.

Yes I have just installed 8.5 and can confirm there is no high DPI support under windows.
though things do look a bit cleaner and nicer overall

Also can we stop using the term retina, because
#1 Its a marketing term coined by apple and
#2 its plain BS as I will explain

For some reason ppl have the idea that 20/20 vision is perfect vision, I suppose an easy mistake to make cause 20/20 sounds like scoring 100% in a test thus perfect.
But in fact most adult healthy eyes are in the range of 20/12 -> 20/16, peoples eyes only degrade into the 20/20 range when you’re in your 70s or 80s
FWIW Im a guy who never thought my eyesight was good, i.e. I’ve worn glasses for >20 years, but the last time I was in the optometrist I scored ~20/15 (with my glasses on)

thus this whole term retina = pixels so small you can’t see them (based on viewing X device X distance away), is built on an incorrect scientific basis

Can anybody please provide a screenshot how Cubase 8.5 looks like on a HiDPI display on Windows PC?
For Cubase 5 the UI is just doubled in size by OS UI scaling which does not look nice especially for fonts. I wonder how it has improved in Cubase 8.5, if it is worth updating or not.

It’s completely broken for me on Windows 7x64 @ 200%. The main host loads with the font size huge, and all of the menus misaligned, and then if I create a project, it’s all unscaled in 4K which means it’s tiny.

Studio One works fine in High-DPI, as does FLStudio, but Cubase 8.5 really isn’t happy - it’s just the same as Cubase 8 (which I hadn’t previously tried at 4K).

As requested here you get two screen shots taken under Windows 10.
I am running Cubase 8 Pro and Cubase 8.5 Pro respectively on a 4K Monitor. Scaling is set to 150% in the screen settings, which gives sharp fonts and much information on software that natively supports high dpi monitors.
As you might see it seems that 8.5 just scales without really taking advantage of the higher resolution. Things seem a bit blurry. There’s is no problem working like this though.
Cubase 8.0 on the other hand just didn’t do anything so everything is “smallish” with the 4k Monitor. Depending on the size of the monitor this might be to small.
I guess this is not yet the high dpi support people might be expecting and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. On the other hand the bluriness is not a concern when working. I am pretty sure we will see better support for high resolution monitors in the future from Cubase.

+1 Thanks for the retina! Looks good :slight_smile: