Cubase 8.5 Saving master stereo out as preset with FX ?


Just wondering if anyone knows how to save a track preset but in this case it’s the master stereo out I want to save.

I know the simple way to save track presets and then import the track presets into new projects with all FX eq’s etc etc

But for some reason when I click anywhere on the stereo out master I dont seem to get the option to save as a preset ?

Or am I missing something ?

Some do, Some don’t but I always like to put my mastering FX in the channel strip of the master stereo out and get the project sounding as good as possible before final external tweaking.

Thanks for your help in advance


I found out I can save all the FX etc on the Master Stereo out Channel by right clicking on ‘inserts’ and saving FX Chain.

Then you can load all your stereo master settings into another project by right clicking again on ‘inserts’ but selecting FX chain and loading the preset you saved.

Great you found it yourself!

Now get back to making music!!! :wink: