Cubase 8.5 stops working

Abruptely, audio output stops and Cubase starts working terribly slow!

Any idea about this issue and how to solve it?

Aloha d,

Please list your gear. Hard (and soft) ware.


Hi, sorry forgot yesterday to list my setup, just wrote the post to don’t forget. So, my DAW is based on:

  • Intel i7 950 @ 3.07 GHz

  • 24 GB RAM

  • SATA hard-drives

  • MOTU 828 MKII firewire audio device

  • Cubase 8 and 8.5 installed

  • several VSTi and plugins installed

Usually I found the solution by myself, and it happened again…

So, after several attempts and days… I’ve discovered that the “ASIO Guard” option if active generates the problem (audio playback stops). So, I’ve deselected it and now everything works as it should… and even better, Cubase plays noticeably smoother and faster… so far and at least on my DAW and with my MOTU audio device.

To notice that on Cubase 8 with “ASIO Guard” parameter activated it has been working perfectly over a year…

PS: I guessed the problem was related to some wrong audio settings since when the problem occurred the VST performance window showed crazily both CPU and HD meters totally on red (100%)!!

Hope it helps anyone has the same issue. All the best.