Cubase 8.5 takes forever to execute certain actions

Hi guys,

last week I finally decided to make the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 10, not that my system had any trouble but after 5 years I though it was time to move on to the next best OS and do a fresh install.

I just finished installing all my plugins and banks and of course Cubase Pro 8.5, all my previous project open just fine but I have a new, very, VERY annoying problem.

When I hit CTRL+S (or manually save), when I execute simple actions such as importing a sample, the whole program becomes irresponsive like it was processing something for a long time before coming back to normal and finally execuing what I asked.
This also happens randomly when I work, and I have to mention the fact that I tried to reproduce the issue on a completely blank session (no sounds, no plugins).

Has anyone encountered the same issue or knows anything on how to solve it ?

I’m running Win10 Pro on a i7 4770k, 24Gb RAM, SSD Samsung 850 Pro 500Gb and RME Fireface 400.
All drivers are up to date, even the firmware of my SSD.

Any help is welcome.

Thanks :slight_smile: