Cubase 8.5 Upgrade Questions


If I upgrade to Cubase 8.5 will this delete or mess up any of my settings I currently have in Cubase 8? I have a ton of presets, templates, and routing that I really would not want to have redo. Is it a completely new program or just an update?

I have just installed 8.5 and all my settings from 8 seem to be gone with the wind. Can’t believe how Steinberg missed such an important thing. Anyone know where settings are stored so I can copy them to the 8.5 folder?

Wow, that makes me hesitant to upgrade.

It will instal 8.5 in a new folder and leave your 8.0 alone. It will also import your settings (everything) from 8.0 to the new 8.5
If it for some reason doesn’t import your original settings, there is a knowledge base on that explains where the files are located and where to copy them.
So to be clear it acts as a completely new program.

If you are using Windows make sure you install the same way as previous versions regarding to users. And I always start the installer with a (run as admin) and have never had a problem.

Thank you for the info! I tried to search for the knowledge base article without succeeding. Do you have a link to this article?

Yes, I just upgraded… and it looks like some of my saved bus configurations and Saved screen Layouts are gone! :blush: it would be nice to know how to retrieve them.

Oh… and I looked in the Knowledge base on There is a just published “Version History, Issues and Solutions” document for 8.5

There is this:

“6341: No track presets available for Track Control
The presets will appear once you start Cubase without
previously existing preferences from older Cubase versions.
Please delete preferences of previous versions.”

and then there is this:

“6341: No track preset support for input and output
Please note that saving and loading track presets is currently
not supported on Input/Output channels.”

I’m not certain this is referring to the the saved presets for say, the Studio setup I saved in the Studio Tab of VST Connections of Cubase 8.1

Nothing else on saving presets other than those two except for a third blurb about saved Media Bay presets.

I am next going to try to open a Cubase 8 project and see if it restored my VST Connections. If it does I suppose I can save it again… if not, then I will have to recreate! :frowning:

Thanks Peakae!

I copied all the files and folders listed in that document to my new Cubase 8.5. I am hoping some of my other Saved configurations were moved over. Unfortunately my VST Connections still are not available.

So I guess this servers as a warning to those who update, you may lose some Presets… !

Also… I lost all my saved workspaces too! Can’t get those back either.

Does anyone know if this has been worked out yet? I’m about to upgrade/update from Artist 6.5 to Artist 11, but I don’t want to have to redo presets, patches, etc in all my songs - I mean that is a ton of work. Thanks for any help. I’m new here btw, so if I should be looking elsewhere please let me know.