Cubase 8.5 Video Engine Decode has stopped working

Hello. About two months after upgrading to Cubase 8.5, I started to get this message when starting Cubase:
‘‘Video Engine Decode has stopped working’’, and it takes Cubase almost two minutes to get to the new project window.
With this issue, there is no video in project, only black window, and thumbnails on video track are distorted or completely missing.
All GPU drivers are up to date, including Quick time.
I tried several things. Did repair of the installation, and after that, everything works fine for about day or two, and the same thing with video engine gets back.
Tried to replace all video engine files (from the component folder) with the files from Cubase 8 folder. The same thing - after some time it comes back.
Did also full reinstall of Cubase 8.5 - no result.
At the same time, Cubase 7.5 and 8 work without any issues.
Any help is welcome, because I have no more ideas what this is about.

I have the same problem, all drivers updated, small session, only video track and 4 audio tracks, 5 very light plugins, but still every 10 minutes video engine crashes. Help pleeeaaase!