Cubase 8/64 and 32bit vst bridge?


i want to use my old two UAD1 on a 64bit System with Cubase 64 bit. Driver for UAD1 are avalible in 64bit but all Plugs are 32 bit.

Does it work? Is the 32bit bridge in cub8 better than in cub7 or is Jbridge still the better way?

UAD 1 works with Cubase 8.

You have to run the following version of UAD 1 > 6.1.0

Don’t use the latest software version of UAD. I don’t use J-Bridge with UAD 1.

Do you ever get the error, “VST Bridge stopped working” when using UAD plugs, or any 32-bit plugs in 64-bit Cubase Pro 8?

No. Not yet