cubase 8 64bit \ 32bit not working with melodyne studio

I am working with windows 7 pro 64bit with i just bought melodyne bundle with melodyne studio 3
The newst virsion .
The melodyne editor works fine as a plugin .
When i open in cubase 8 64bit chanel insert the melodyne bridge to connect to melodyne studio in one chanel it works fine and i can transfer from the bridge to the first chanel on melodyne studio the signal
But when i open melodyne bridge on a second chanel insert and try to choose another chanel on the bridge window the melodyne crushes.

I have tried to install allso the cubase 8 32bit, and reinstall the melodyne studio,
Now the melodyne bridge open and i can choose the first chanel and transfer it from the bridge window,
and when i try to select the second chanel in a second bridge The chanel popup menu opens behind the main bridge window
i can choose the chanels but i can’t realy see them
. it’s like gessing where there are and choose.

I contect melodyne, the don’t have a solution, maybe steinberg support or anyone here can find a solution for this issue ?
Oren .