Cubase 8&9 not stable on Mac Pro Late 2013 Xeon/Sierra

Dear Steinberg guys,

first of all I would like to say that I love how Cubase 9 loooks and sounds (besides the score editor), but it is unfortunately very unstable on my system. All is freshly installed, original softwares&plugins, enough Ram etc. Considering that Ableton Live doesn’t flicker make me believe that my setup isn’t an issue. I offer you to be a guinea pig if you wanna betta testers on Xeon Macs, otherwise I will say goodbye and best wishes as I cannot work a single session without a crash. Same counts for Cubase 8.
Vlado Mudrak

Hardware: Mac Pro 8core, 3Ghz, 32GB RAM, 512 SSD, OSX 10.12 Sierra
VST: Spectrasonic plugins, Slate digital boundle, Output, NI, OhmBoys, Sonic Charge, Waves, Waldorf, East/West, Elektron