Cubase 8 - abb - Track Version comping problem

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When using Trackversions for comping, you need to use the range tool.
Mark a range in the source version, than copy and paste to destination version.
Sadly, often the pasted files are moved in time, caused by Cubase’ ( not so smart ) snap point system.
Has that been fixed in 8 ?

Thanks, Jan

Hmmm… it’s not happening here — unless, that is, I select the range with the snap set to off and then paste with it switched on. And I don’t get what’s so ‘not smart’ about the snap system — press J to toggle snap on/off, and set the snap value as desired.

Can you explain in more detail the steps you take to copy/paste when this error occurs? And what it is you want snap to do?

In more detail :
It happened, when there are parts in the selection, that start behind the selection start point.

It would be smart, that if you copy and paste between trackversions, the position will always be locked.
Snapping of any kind, won’t make any sense, here.
I’m sure it was not related to snap settings.
That was the first thing I checked, when trying to figure out, what was going on.

Have to admit, that I could’nt repro in a quick test.
Will come back, when I get in touch with a project, that shows the problem.
( stopped using Track Versions, because of this, so I’d need to grab an old project … )