Cubase 8 AI Elements 8.0.35 horiz scroll bars issue

I saw that some other persons had the same or similar problem but the solution (downgrade/reset mixer) did not work for me. I could not find any other solution or workaround in the forum so I decided to do the video and post it.

Starta empty project
Configure 24 in and 24 out
Add 24 audio tracks
Open mixer

if the mixer filter includes audio tracks you can see the horiz scrollbar but only scrolls the audio tracks, does not scroll the in or out tracks… if you filter and have only in or out tracks, there is no scrollbar.

Tried .10 and .35 versions of Cubase with the same results, tried using my Intel HD or nVidia card and same result, reset mixer, no good…

Decided to make a video to demonstrate it:

Hi all,

Anyone with Cubase PRO that can replicate this issue?


Hi all,

My apologies if nagging too much but have anyone been able to replicate this issue? having the scroll bars there seems such a basic issue and I am surprised that no one actually complains about it :frowning:



Can you still reproduce this with Cubase Pro 8.0.40?

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Sorry for the long time to reply… I didn’t receive any “notification” of the change in thread and I also lost any hope since no one replied this discussion.

I just tried .40 and I confirm that the issue is still present there, I went through the change log and I also don’t find anything that points as this being fixed (i.e.: this issue does not have a bug code) so maybe it is not recognized as a “official bug”.

What is shocking to me is how no one has complained about it, I often record more 16-20 inputs when doing DRUM sessions and the scroll bar is crucial.

Anyway, hope this is fixed soon otherwise I really can’t go for Cubase 8 Pro :frowning: what a shame :frowning:

Is anyone in the forum able to replicate this issue? :cry: I am not sure if this is a “official” noted bug, at least i have not seen any info on that.

When I am recording a drum session, I can easily use 16-18 inputs and I am not able to scroll the channels (as the video shows).

I kindly ask the forum members to let me know if they also experience this issue.

Thanks in advance

I can not reproduce it using Cubase Pro 8.5.20
But I’m a little confused, I thought that Input channels was a Cubase Pro feature.


Thank you so much for taking the time to check this!
I think that monitoring “INPUT” channels is a feature available on every DAW, I will try to arrange a 8.0.20 version and test again (can’t remember if I tried with that one already).

thank you again for the help!